When I was 17, I was a pretty average middle-class teenager, who through blind luck ended up at Moorelands Camp for the summer as a counsellor. Moorelands is a nonprofit summer residential camp, serving children and youth 8 to 16 years of age, living in poverty in Toronto. The bits and pieces of seven summers I spent there changed my life, as it has changed the lives of many others before and after. I even met my future wife there in 1984.

Years later, one of the first things I directed as a professional was a fundraising documentary for Moorelands. It ended up winning a couple of prestigious national awards, and for years showing a clip from the video often clinched a new job for me.

So, what the heck... produced in 1990, you can view an extended clip from the video here.

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And hereís a link to the campís very own site, where you can donate funds to help send a kid to camp:

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