For an event that brought ogether MasterCard Canada’s member brands in Toronto, I wrote and directed a saucy opening video that helped set up the theme: “MasterCard: Where It’s At”. A skeptical on-camera host delivers a rant, and gets sufficiently peeved to set out on a series of ambush interviews to find out if these members know as much about MasterCard Canada as they think they do.

Modules that reinforced the theme were also created, and shown at appropriate intervals during the conference. Along the way I interviewed (and produced funky modules about) Bobby Orr, Elvis Stojko, and Jamie Salé & David Pelletier. I interviewed this last pair while they were training in Edmonton a mere nine days before their star turn in the 2002 Olympics.

To view a pdf file of the final script, click here.

A sample clip is shown here:

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